QEMIST Cloud — Accurate Computational Chemistry as a Service

Empowering computational chemists to accelerate material design.

QEMIST Cloud is an engine that enables faster, more accurate, and scalable ways to perform computational chemistry simulations. Our new platform leverages easily and readily accessible computers on the cloud to perform chemistry simulations that were previously intractable even on expensive, high-performance computing environments.

High-accuracy and high-throughput - QEMIST Cloud solves the age-old trade-off between speed and accuracy in chemistry using an integrated engineering approach.

Our approach combines the scale of cloud computing, advances in computational chemistry algorithms and machine learning, as well as the emerging power of quantum computers. We are already capable of performing unprecedentedly large simulations with very high accuracy on the platform.

Designed for computational chemistry developers - Provides a set of building blocks and APIs needed for scalable chemical simulations.

Access QEMIST Cloud’s APIs with only a few lines of code and seamlessly integrate them within your applications or broader computational workflows.

Built on cloud - Enables access to scalable compute infrastructure on demand along with the tools needed to run chemical simulations.

Breaking free of legacy software and shifting the workload to cloud saves developers both time and money, by facilitating massive parallelization of workloads. Researchers competing for limited on-premise infrastructure can finally leave the long queue times behind.

Powered by AI and elevated by quantum computing - Continually learns from every simulation to accelerate subsequent simulation. In addition, it enables seamless experimentation on real quantum devices.

Our ML models are trained on simulation data. They aim to increase the speed of simulations by orders of magnitude while preserving accuracy. Our quantum computing software toolkit, integrated in QEMIST Cloud can connect and use quantum devices from different providers, supporting rapid experimentation.

We are reinventing how chemistry is simulated. Help us shape the future of chemistry by signing up to become a QEMIST Cloud beta user.

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