Open-source Python software for end-to-end chemistry workflows on quantum computers

Prototype, customize and put your ideas to the test on simulators or quantum devices. Join the Tangelo community in bringing a quantum computing future to materials and life sciences.

Explore quantum computing with tools that led to successful hardware experiments, in collaboration with partners such as Dow and IonQ.

Moving my project forward was greatly facilitated by Tangelo's backend-agnostic and modular design, as well as its numerous reusable building blocks. Although I do not have formal software development training, I thought the process of contributing code to Tangelo was straightforward and educational. The developer team was responsive, pleasant and helpful during the code review process.

A growing collections of flexible algorithms to reach properties such as ground and excited states of both closed- and open-shell systems.

Support for variational an non-variational approaches, including the different variations of VQE and its library of built-in ansatze circuits.

We are backend-agnostic: write code once, run it on your favorite platforms with minimal changes.

Connection to various quantum computers and fast simulators through open-source projects and cloud services.

Assess the feasiblity of your workflows by keeping track of quantum resources and accuracy.

Built-in resource estimation is available for quantum algorithms, and a few classical solvers are provided to help with reference values.

Explore more ambitious chemical systems with problem decomposition techniques.

Combine problem decomposition techniques from Tangelo or QEMIST Cloud with quantum algorithms to tackle more industrially-relevant use cases.

SandboxAQ Acquires Good Chemistry to Accelerate AI Simulation Platform for Drug Discovery and Material Science