Computational Chemistry. Supercharged.

Good Chemistry uses cloud-based HPC, machine learning and quantum computing to predict chemical properties at breakthrough scale and speed.

Reimagining Computational Chemistry

We‘re making high-accuracy, high-throughput chemical property prediction easily accessible to accelerate materials innovations.

Tackle the Intractable

Our breakthrough technology shatters the boundaries between the impossible and the possible in drug discovery and materials design.


QEMIST Cloud can spin up massive amounts of computing power on-demand, so researchers can design and synthesize better materials more economically and faster than ever.


Tangelo is fostering game-changing advances in quantum computing for chemistry with its open-source SDK and rapidly growing community of experts.

Building Better Chemistry. For Everyone.

Good Chemistry loves this planet, and we want to make sure it stays great for generations to come. That’s why our mission is to make the world cleaner, healthier, more sustainable by accelerating materials design.