Good Chemistry Academic Grant Program

Good Chemistry’s Academic Grant Program offers up to $10,000 in free credits to use on QEMIST Cloud, our engine that enables faster, more accurate, and scalable ways to perform computational chemistry simulations by leveraging readily accessible computers on the cloud. Simulating chemistry on computers will drive material innovation in the decades to come. It will allow us to unleash the power of computational chemistry by leveraging the on-demand scalability of the cloud combined with the latest advances in machine learning and quantum computing.

The Grant Program credits can help advance your research by providing free compute time to run chemistry simulations at scale on the cloud. We are excited to hear your ideas! Please read the proposal guidelines and apply by submitting your application.

Proposal Guidelines

The program is open to anyone in academia with a background in chemistry, materials science and life sciences. Applications will be reviewed with the following criteria:

  • Does the result of the work have a potential positive impact on the scientific community and/or industry?
  • Does the work have a clear research goal which can be advanced by the use of cloud infrastructure for computational chemistry calculations?

All applications with merit will be considered. Submissions that are accepted will be provided credits directly on QEMIST Cloud.

Apply for Good Chemistry Research Credits​

Proposals should be submitted using this form. They must include the following

  • Applicant information: Please provide adequate information for us to confirm that you are eligible for the program. Joint applications are accepted.
  • Project goals: Please describe what is your idea to use cloud infrastructure for computational chemistry calculations – and why you think this calculation is important. How can the results impact the community or industry? Lastly, why do you think that the cloud infrastructure is a crucial component for your quantum chemistry simulation?
  • Project Approach: Briefly describe the expected methodology.
  • Project Timeline: When do you expect to do this project? How long will it take?
  • Specific Resource requirements: What type of computing hardware will you require? Briefly describe the computational resources that you will require.

Applicant & Organization Information


Project Information

Please write a proposal that addresses the evaluation criteria and required information as outlined in the call for proposals. We recommend drafting this in a separate window. You may also provide a link to a Google Doc or similar by entering a link in the text box.

Additional Information

Does your project have another funding source?(Required)
Does your project have another funding source? *

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