Good Chemistry CEO Presents at IBM Quantum Summit

VANCOUVER, B.C. – November 9, 2022 – Good Chemistry’s CEO Arman Zaribafiyan took the stage today at IBM Quantum Summit in New York, to present the company’s vision on how Artificial Intelligence trained on high-accuracy quantum chemistry data will fuel future materials innovation across a wide range of applications, from pharmaceuticals and the food industry to advanced materials, green energy, and carbon capture.

Zaribafiyan explained how his company is democratizing access to high accuracy quantum chemistry calculations through its QEMIST Cloud platform, in a bid to turn this vision into reality. With QEMIST Cloud, companies in the Life Sciences, Advanced Materials, Energy, and Automotive industries can access an on-demand “supercomputer for chemistry on the cloud” to generate high accuracy data on chemical reactions. This data automatically fine tunes machine learning models within a self-improving architecture to provide superior predictions on high impact chemical properties.

In the presentation, Zaribafiyan described Good Chemistry’s vision for the material discovery pipeline of the future. He depicted a quantum-centric cloud HPC vision for materials discovery and explained how QEMIST Cloud realizes this future by combining the on-demand scalability of HPC resources on the cloud with special-purpose accelerators like quantum computers.

He also explained how researchers could leverage Tangelo, Good Chemistry’s open-source quantum SDK, to design end-to-end chemistry experiments that combine quantum computing algorithms with the powerful chemistry decomposition engines in QEMIST Cloud to tackle problems in chemistry that are out of reach of current quantum computers.

Watch Arman Zaribafiyan’s presentation at the IBM Quantum Summit:


About Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry is revolutionizing materials discovery and design by enabling high accuracy quantum chemistry simulation at scale. Its QEMIST Cloud platform uses machine learning, quantum computing and emerging algorithms in quantum chemistry specifically engineered to leverage millions of compute-optimized microprocessors on demand. This novel approach enables chemical simulation at breakthrough levels of accuracy and scale so researchers can design and synthesize better drugs and materials cheaper and faster than ever before. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Good Chemistry is a world-class team of accomplished computational and quantum chemists, software developers, machine-learning engineers, and quantum computing scientists.

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